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FAQs for Our Car Wash in Aurora and Denver

‚Äč  Q1. What are the hours of operation for your  car wash in Aurora  and Denver?   

All of our car washes are open 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Q2. How much does it cost to start washing my car?                    A. Most locations have a $2 minimum to start. We do have two locations with a $1 minimum to start. Those locations are                         2290 N Federal Blvd & 3450 Colorado Blvd.

Q3. How can I locate the  car wash in Denver  closest to me?                     A. Our locations are on the regional map on the main page of our website. Each location has a drop down map of the address to give the customer                    cross streets for more accurate directions.

Q4. Do any of your locations offer a full service car wash?                   A. No. All our locations offer only self service bays with all the necessary functions to keep your car looking great. 

Q5. Do all your  self serve car washes in Denver  provide the same services?                   A. All locations provide Tire Cleaner, Hi Pressure Soap, Foam Brush Soap, Wax, Rinse, and Spot Free Rinse. In addition, all locations have a                         Red Gun low pressure system with Presoak, Bug Remover/ Mag Chloride Remover, and Foaming Tire Cleaner. Please see our Locations page for                        information on the equipment at each location. All locations offer vacuums, but some locations offer new Carpet Shampoo equipment and deoderizing                        equipment. See our  Locations Page  for more information.

Q6. How do I report a problem encountered while washing my car?                   A.The customer can submit a problem ticket by completing the contact form on the main page of our website. If the problem needs immediate                        attention can call 303-419-3840 for further assistance.

Q7. Do all your locations accept credit cards?                    A. All 9 locations accept credit cards.   

Q8. What are the hours of operation for your car wash in Aurora and Denver?                    A. All of our car washes are open 24/7, 365 days a year

Q9. I accidentally vacuumed my keys or other personal item, how can I get them back?                    

Call 303-773-6916 or 303-419-3840 to receive instructions for opening the vac clean out door.

Q10. Do you offer discounted tokens?   

Yes. We offer a discount of 20% for purchases of $50 or more. 

Q11. Are Gift Cards and Fleet Cards available?                     

Yes. Please email us at for more information.

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