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Car Wash Services in Denver

​Here is a list of some of the services we offer at our  car wash in Denver  and surrounding areas.

Carpet Shampoo Vacuum:

​Our Carpet Shampoo Vac has 3 functions. Basic vacuum is $1 for 5:20. Turbo vac with 3 motors is $1 for 4 minutes. Carpet Shampoo is $2 for 6 minutes. With our  self serve car wash in Denver , you can switch back and forth between the 3 options while time is remaining on the display

Available At These Locations

Fragrance Combo Vacuum:

Our Fragrance Combo Vacuum allows you to switch back and forth between the vacuum and fragrance with time remaining on the timer. Fragrance choices include Wild Cherry, Pina Colada, New Car, and Black Ice.

Available At These Locations

Foaming Tire Cleaner:

Foaming Presoak:

Available At These Locations

4280 W 44th 3450 Colorado Blvd 12770 Albrook Dr 2290 Federal Blvd. 101 W Alameda Ave 5555 E Colfax Ave 15402 E Mississippi Ave

4945 Federal Blvd  1127 9th St, Greeley This function dispenses bug remover in the summer, and mag chloride remover in the winter. Spot use this product on the problem areas of your car due to seasonable conditions. Foaming presoak is a good starter and when followed by foaming brush will remove the tough road grime. Apply first and then use foaming brush. Foaming tire cleaner is good for cleaning overly dirty tires and wheels. Spray on before washing the car and let sit for a minute or so, then rinse off with the rest of the vehicle.

Credit Card System:

This credit card reader available at the all locations and are in every bay. Just insert and remove your card. The bay will start after verification on the display. Use all desired functions then come back and touch the red stop sign. The display will show your charge in dollars and cents down to the penny.

No reciept is issued for a transaction. A pending charge of $12 will appear until final appropriate charge is settled in 2 to 3 business days. 

Led Lights:

There are new types of lighting fixtures installed at the following locations. These new types of LED fixtures will improve the quality of the lighted area within the bay so customers will obtain a more thorough and effective washing experience at night.  

Available At These Locations

Air Freshener Gun:

Air Freshener is $1 for 40 seconds. There are 2 scents (Wild Cherry, New Car, Pina Colada) to select from at each location. Insert $1 and move switch to scent preferred

Air Shammee:

Air Shammee can be used to dry your car or motorcycle.  It is in all bays at 101 W Alameda, middle 2 bays at 2290 Federal Blvd & middle 2 bays at 12770 Albrook Dr.

Available At These Locations

​For more information about our  car wash in Aurora  and Denver, call us today.

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